The Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner credential (CPRP) is a test-based certification that fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical, and culturally diverse psychiatric rehabilitation workforce through enforcement of a practitioner code of ethics. CPRPs have a variety of educational backgrounds and work in a diverse range of settings, but they all share a commitment to the fundamental principle that recovery from serious mental illness is possible.

provides ample opportunities to obtain Continuing Education credit for use towards obtaining or maintaining your CPRP credential, including our Regional Conversations and Annual Meeting. Each of the workshops and institutes at our two-day conference are authorized for CPRP CEUs, and the conference always offers a full day institute on certification preparation.

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Benefits of Certification
Evidence shows that psychiatric rehabilitation services markedly improve a person’s potential for recovery. Psychiatric rehabilitation services are based on principles that respect the capacity of every person to learn and grow, and to make independent choices on matters that are important. This evidence-based approach has fundamentally altered the way we think about mental illness, and the potential for a life with meaning and hope for persons living with a mental illness.

People throughout the mental health field are aware of the need to support recovery of persons with psychiatric disabilities. But the dilemma is how to design and provide services that effectively support people in their journey of recovery. And today we have a mechanism to ensure the delivery of the most professional psychiatric rehabilitations services: the Certification Program for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners.

Why Become Certified?
The CPRP is the way to distinguish professionals that have mastered the principles of psychiatric rehabilitation and understand how to implement them in practice. Unlike other professional licenses or certifications, the CPRP credential was developed expressly for professionals who work in psychiatric rehabilitation programs and have committed themselves to the principles of person-centered recovery.

The CPRP credential verifies that you have met rigorous standards. In order to become certified, you must meet strict requirements in academia, psychiatric rehabilitation work experience, and continuing education & training hours. The credential also verifies that you have adhered to a Code of Ethic. Additionally, to obtain the credential, you must sit through the CPRP Exam—a rigorous test of knowledge. Throughout its history, the CPRP exam has experienced an average passing rate of 67%. All of these demonstrate your dedication to the field, and to the promise of recovery.