Strategic Plan
regularly engages in planning to improve our effectiveness. Our recent SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis identified a number of strengths of the organization, especially Mass
's ability to grow in membership and relevance in the community over the past three years, despite the fiscal crisis within the mental health community at large. The analysis also identified opportunities ahead, while also noting potential barriers to ongoing growth and development as a meaningful impactful organization. The strategic plan of the next three years aims to strengthen those areas.

Theme: Getting to Critical Mass
Strategic Goal 1: Improve the structure and function of the Mass
Board of Directors.
  1. Revise structure and assign board members to committees.
  2. Review Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Values and Bylaws
  3. Create orientation process and manual to support new board members
  4. Evaluate the need for and financial requirements of hiring a paid staff person to support the work of the board and organization
Strategic Goal 2: Implement key training initiatives
  1. Identify and act on strategic initiatives as part of the US
    Boston 2011 Conference.
  2. Implement listening sessions/town meetings with membership including people in recovery and people using services to increase membership engagement.
  3. Organize, assess and improve access to Mass
    training resources to increase marketing potential, visibility and relevance to membership
  4. Either develop and/or distribute training products/curricula developed by Mass
  5. Endorse curricula or training materials from trusted sources (e.g. Person-Centered Planning, Shared Decision Making, etc.)
Strategic Goal 3: Improve collaboration and consensus with partners and affiliates
  1. Increase Mass
  2. Build of momentum of US
    Boston 2011 conference.
  3. Outreach to other states
  4. Develop more useful website
  5. Explore social networking
  6. Create mechanisms to decrease isolation of people in recovery while increasing and supporting community and capacity building within the peer community.
  7. Partner with organizations where alignment of values/interests exist.
  8. “Create a table” where we want to take the lead, and invite others to join.