History of Chapter

is the Massachusetts Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (Mass
, a chapter of the United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, from its bylaws, “is formed for charitable, benevolent, research and educational purposes relating to the promotion, support, development and furtherance of community oriented psychosocial rehabilitation services and programs for persons with psychiatric disabilities.”

The Massachusetts Chapter was formed in 2000, from a group of committed individuals who saw the need for a separate chapter in the state in order to be able to advocate for recovery oriented services in the state and to provide a voice to psychiatric rehabilitation practices and services. Originally, the New England Chapter of IAPSRS was founded in 1983, following the IAPSRS national conference in New York City. Several Massachusetts practitioners were integral to the establishment of the New England chapter, which included the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire; their belief in the ability of Massachusetts to create a vibrant state organization led to the development and founding of the Massachusetts chapter.

Since 2000, the following individuals have led the organization as president:

2000-2003 Timothy Mize (formerly of Vinfen)
2003-2006 Bob Schueler (Bay Cove Human Services)
2006-2009 Margaret Jordan (Human Resources Unlimited)
2009-2012 Lyn Legere (The Transformation Center)
2012-2015 Steve LaMaster (Vinfen)